PsychoPhobia is a new Doom2 campaign for GZDoom and Skulltag


To play it, you need GZDoom Version 1.5.06 or Skulltag Version 0.98d or higher.
(playable only in opengl mode [the software renderer is not supported])
Version 2.23 is not compatible with Skulltag v0.98d. more Info in the changelog.

To run Episode 1 and 2 correctly you must load the 3d-decorate.pk3 (it is included in the package).


- new weapons
- new monsters
- new textures
- new music
- new sounds
- new decorates
- new Hud
- new maps
- new Episodes
- and many other different things

- all decorate things are now breakable (also the originals from Doom2)
- light effects
- new monster deaths


- Episode 1: "Rise of a Psycho" (8 maps) (location: Earth future)
- Episode 2: "The Dark Age" (8 maps) (location: Earth in medieval times)
- ZBloodpack: (This is the old ZBloodpack.)
- The Pit: (The Pit is an example map for the new stuff. Here you can arrange monster fights. ;-) )


Playthrough on by EG22582262
Playthrough (map01 - map04) on by Pi3rd3K
GamePlay (of an older version) on by Pi3rd3K (This Video contains a link to a installation Tutorial)

Links to compatible Ports:

Here is a link to the official homepage of GZDoom:
Here is a link to the official homepage of Skulltag:

Music - Here you can Download the Soundtracks made by John S Weekley:
Episode 1:


PsychoPhobia (all versions) on
PsychoPhobia: v2.20
PsychoPhobia: v2.20
PsychoPhobia: v2.16


Latest Version is v2.23. It can be downloaded from