Bloodpack is a new Doom2 campaign.


Bloodpack V 1.03
playable with doomsday, zdoom, doom2, etc.
- 32 new levels
- over 400 new textures
- new music
- new sounds
- new sprite (Commander Keen)


Bloodpack on moddb:

Installation / What do you need?

The following is required:
- At first you need the Bloodpack wad file.
- You need also the doom2.wad file (can be found in the installation directory of Doom2). (If not available, it also works with the wad files from the Addons ("Evilution" and "The Plutonia Experiment").
- You need a game-engine like the original DOS version of Doom2 (the DOS version is not recommended, because it causes crashes in some maps). Best of all works Bloodpack with the Doomsday-engine (JDOOM), ZDOOM, GZDOOM, Skulltag, Risen3d and many more. It should work with every engine that supports vanila Doom-maps.

How to start Bloodpack?:

To play Bloodpack with the original version of Doom2, the following is to be done.
1- Copy the Bloodpack.wad into the Doom2 install directory.
2- Go in a DOS-window to the Doom2 install directory.
3- Type the following: "doom2.exe -file bloodpak.wad" (without quotation marks).
At last hit Enter. Now it schould start Doom2 with the Bloodpack mod.
How to start Bloodpack with other engines can be found in the instructions of them. But it is almost the same way like for Doom2. Only the exe name is another. If there are questions we help with pleasure.

- Doomsday homepage:
- ZDOOM homepage:
- ZDOOM V 2.0.96x:

Sound mods:

Here another two small sound mods. Mod_A.wad contain all sounds and the HUD from the Bloodpak. Mod_B.wad partially contain more funny sounds. Both wad files can be played with Doom1, Doom2 and other Doom.wads.
mod-A.wad (836,1 kB)
mod-B.wad (890,5 kB)


The creators of Bloodpack are: Cobalt and Butcher
- MAP 01 - 12, 14 - 16, 26 - 28, 30 - 32 by Cobalt
- MAP 13, 17 - 25, 29 by Butcher